Beards… and looking good.

Hello Folks,

Man have we been busy!!

Our market stall has been busy. Nearly every Saturday and Sunday this so far this year we have set up at local markets across Gauteng offering our range of superb products to blokes.

Thank you to all of you discerning gents who have tried, and loved, what you purchased. Well done Sirs!


We have grown. Wonderfully so. In fact so much that we are now building our very first production facility.

Awesome stuff!! More good things will come.

Besides the soaps and oils that we make BY HAND just for you, we also stock quality grooming tools, unique to us and chosen for their role in your grooming routine.

For the shavers:

Our straight edge razor, the Jaguar R1 from Germany, comes in a kit with everything you need to get that immaculate traditional shave.

For the growers:

We have a brilliant beard care kit. Not just a set of combs, no, but we have a razor comb. Yes, sounds strange but it is true. We offer a unique comb that is fitted with a razor blade which will trim your beard just right as you comb!

Check out for the details and to make your purchase.

Remember to follow us on Facebook: to stay up to date on developments and to check when we will be at your local market. Come and stop by, say hi, and have a proper gander at the goods!

Thanks for being here. Thank you for being so loyal. Our success is because of you, and for you.

The Garage Man.

The purpose…

Springsteen Style LogoWhat is TGM really trying to do?

The essence behind TGM is to create incredible grooming products.

So far we have  an aftershave, two in fact. We also have beard oils and soap.

Our shaving toolkit is pretty awesome too.

In a couple of weeks we will have a hair styling gel as well.

And what is all of this in aim of?

To help men achieve their style aims. They must look good, feel great.

Men must feel like their morning routines are effective and most of all:

They must enjoy it. The whole process. From preparation to completion.

TGM is a brand that brings that home.

Use our products and feel how good your skin can feel.

Check out our website: TGM Products


Why so quiet…?

It has been a while since I really interacted online.

I apologise.

The silence has not been in vain, as we have been beavering away behind the scenes with something new.

We have also been very active at the local craft markets. Interacting with you and drawing inspiration from all you wonderful folks out there.behind-the-scenes1

A word from Suzanne R Banks, aromatherapist.

A few weeks ago on the TGM Products Facebook page I made mention how I drew inspiration for SAILOR from Suzanne R Banks and one of the blends that she has made before.

Here she writes for TGM, after a little bit of correspondence between the two of us, thank you Suzanne:


Hi Garage folk, I hope you’re well and excited about essential oils.

I am Suzanne, an Aromatherapist from Australia. I write a blog and have written a book about essential oils too. In my practice I treat my clients through bodywork – massage and energetic balancing with essential oils as my main tool for transformation. On my blog I share stories about oils, my life and include lots of recipes too. Andre, the Garage Man has asked me to tell you a little bit about some essential oil recipes I have created – one of which the forms the base of one of his new products now sold in Pretoria, South Africa, at the night market in Equestria.

Everyone has their personal preferences when it comes to essential oils so when you are treating yourself, always go with your intuition. You may want more or less oils and as long as you patch test first, a little variation to quantities and ratios is fine.

When I create a blend I always do it on paper first. Because of my extensive use of essential oils in the past 20 years I am usually confident that the blend will smell beautiful and start working on all levels immediately – physical body, brain and mind, spirit. Having said that I have always created blends on paper first, allowing my intuition to guide me.

I love working with essential oils as they are the original medicines of the world as we know it. Plant based healing has been the first line of defense and prevention since record keeping thousands of years ago. When you embrace aromatic medicine in the form of essential oils and whole scented plants, you will not only refine your senses, but you will be accepting mother nature as your life giver. When you refine your senses you will automatically start removing toxic chemicals from your environment, which is a good thing. You will start to clean with better products, use less scented washing powders and generally feel better in your everyday life. I have no doubt that when you start using essential oils you will transform your life.



New news!!

TGM is proud to announce our first retail outlet:

Entourage Hair and Beauty Studio in Menlo Park, Pretoria. Many thanks to Kenny and his team. Get there or contact them at:
13th Street, Menlo Park
Pretoria, South Africa
012 365 1696

Also, very soon we will offer single blade straight edge razors.

This is after men at the market stalls chatted to us about their harsh shaving experiences. This is often as a result of multi bladed razors and incorrect technique.

More info on the razors will follow next week…

I hated shaving.

I hated shaving. I really disliked the feeling of my skin afterwards. Dry, tight and often a bit raw around my throat. Razor burn was the order of the day.

I then read about someone somewhere making their own aftershave.

I decided to try my hand at making my own. I made some different types up, all alcohol based and got mixed results. I then tried a recipe blending essential oils. It was brilliant. I got the recipe from an Australian aromatherapist, and she explained the benefits of using all natural products as well as how good essential oils are for you.

My shaving routine started changing and with it my whole experience. I got less razor burn, less ingrown hairs and my skin was not dry or tight and burning anymore. I wanted to learn more.

I read up about this subject for months, almost a whole year and decided to take this a bit further. I played with the recipe and made my own blend, which, when I showed it to some other folks they liked it very much. I spoke to a mentor and with his guidance and support I made a small batch up and this is now for sale, as SAILOR. My brand is TGM, The Garage Man.

I aim to help men understand that many modern products may be good for your skin in some ways, but there are completely synthetic and man-made chemicals inside of them which are actually not so good for skin.

I asked myself why on earth would I want to put stuff like this on my body? I am made of 100% natural stuff and would prefer to run on more natural stuff.

So my products will all be made from natural elements. They will be made by hand, and not be mixed by a machine to a scientific formula, they will use a recipe. A tried and true recipe that is not just thumb sucked. However TGM knows that the modern man needs to look sharp too and therefore the products all have a sharp edge too.

TGM stands for this. And is set on developing men’s grooming products that are good for skin, and all natural. I am always learning more and thinking of new recipes to try.

I will not stop until I know all there is to know about using more natural products. And will always offer the best I can.

Kind regards

The Garage Man.


Sailor by TGM

It is with great pride that The Garage Man launches a brand new aftershave!

Sailor is a fresh scented after shave hand blended from only four essential oils, and nothing else. Made to care for skin just after shaving the natural way.

Read on, here is the low down:


Almond – Lemongrass – Lavender – Cedarwood

It is highly moisturising and a little goes a long way indeed.
It is hypo allergenic, contains vitamins A,  E and zinc. It is helpful for dry skin, acne,  rashes and wrinkles, has antiseptic and astringent properties, relieves inflamed skin and helps relieve itching. Take note: It is a real skin care product!

Use it just after shaving as a soothing balm or just before going to bed to care for your skin as you sleep.

Check out the images for more!

Regards – The Garage Man –