Sailor by TGM

It is with great pride that The Garage Man launches a brand new aftershave!

Sailor is a fresh scented after shave hand blended from only four essential oils, and nothing else. Made to care for skin just after shaving the natural way.

Read on, here is the low down:


Almond – Lemongrass – Lavender – Cedarwood

It is highly moisturising and a little goes a long way indeed.
It is hypo allergenic, contains vitamins A,  E and zinc. It is helpful for dry skin, acne,  rashes and wrinkles, has antiseptic and astringent properties, relieves inflamed skin and helps relieve itching. Take note: It is a real skin care product!

Use it just after shaving as a soothing balm or just before going to bed to care for your skin as you sleep.

Check out the images for more!

Regards – The Garage Man –

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